Rubber Tracks for Tractors and Harvesters

Better Traction, Flotation, and Stability

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Efficiency and Versatility in Any Terrain

The rubber track traction system is the most efficient tool for achieving high traction power with high flotation on the soil.

Benefits of Rubber Tracks

The use of rubber track tractors is one of the most efficient alternatives in today’s agriculture. Rubber tracks represent the most advanced traction technology for tractors and agricultural machinery. Undoubtedly, rubber tracks allow maximizing the tractor’s traction capacity while minimizing soil compaction. The transit of agricultural machinery equipped with wheels results in soil compaction due to the passage of increasingly heavy machinery. Additionally, there is often a need to traverse “soft” soils due to rain and/or surface groundwater. Therefore, producers need an alternative that allows them to navigate these soil conditions. Tracks prevent deep ruts, improving traction and increasing flotation.

Switch to Rubber Tracks

Rubber tracks are the best option for tractors, harvesters, grain carts, sprayers, spreaders, planters, and even pickup trucks.

Our advanced rubber track system allows for a quick and easy replacement of wheels without modifying the vehicle’s original structure.

Ideal for tackling difficult terrains such as snow, mud, sand, and rice fields, this system efficiently solves traction and stability issues.

Additionally, it eliminates the problems of slipping and sinking often associated with traditional tires, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

High-Strength and Precision Components

Our innovative system features a main shaft made of special steel, ensuring superior strength with no risk of breakage. Structural parts are laser-cut, welded on flexible platforms, and precisely machined to ensure perfect fit and exceptional durability. The tension system uses a hydraulic piston, while the rubber rollers connect directly to the drive hub, providing optimal and reliable performance in any operating condition. The tracks have widths of 762 mm and 915 mm and feature a “quick and easy installation and removal system.”

Reduced Soil Compaction Improves Crop Yields

Pressure on the soil is reduced, increasing crop yields by 2.5 to 8 times and decreasing losses during harvest.

Our advanced track system significantly improves your vehicle’s traction, increasing up to 100 hp and tripling soil adhesion.

They have a large contact surface to minimize pressure (24,800 cm² per track).

Other Advantages to Consider

The initial investment may be high, but in the long run, its use is beneficial, as the machinery operates at low revolutions, reducing fuel consumption by 25-28%. Rubber tracks reduce noise compared to metal ones. Speed on Paved Roads: Rubber tracks can also move at speeds over 60 km/h on paved roads, which benefits agricultural contractors who need to travel long distances.
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