Turbo blade for direct seeding - 20 or 30 waves

Cuchilla Directa de 20 ondas para siembra directa

Turbo blade

Diameter: 15 “, 16”, 17 “, 18”
Wave type: 20 symmetrical sinusoidal tangential waves.
Width of the band: 14 mm

The turbo blade gets into perpendicular to the ground surface and exits horizontally thereto. This gives it high cutting capacity with minimal vertical force.

We can say that at high speeds, there is a high soil removal that takes it out of the furrow, reducing moisture and making it difficult to cover the furrow.

Characteristics: boron steel. Hardness: 48-54 HRc, boron content (0.004%), self-sharpening edges. It retains the shape of the attack edges.

15″ .158 8.268 20 and 30 .177
16″ .158 8.268 20 and 30 .197
17″ .158 8.268 20 and 30 .197
18″ .158 8.268 20 and 30 .197
20.25″ .197 11.00 20 .197
22.40″ .197 11.00 20 .197
24.50″ .197 11.00 20 .197
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