CAS4500 seeder monitor

Seeder monitor CAS 4500

Monitor CAS 4500, with sensors for seeds, fertilizer and seed level in the hopper
Monitor CAS 4500, with sensors for seeds, fertilizer and seed level in the hopper

General Information

With sensors for seed, fertilizer, and hopper level. This system allows you to view through a user-friendly environment to the different parameters involved in the planting process, such as:
  • Warning of tube blockage, lack of seed or fertilizer.
  • Warning of a difference of the planting density.
  • Total or partial hectares sown by lots.
  • Seeds distribution per meter in real time for each row, and average.
  • Distance between seeds.
  • Distribution of seeds and fertilizer per hectare in real-time.
  • Total population of seeds and fertilizer per lot.
  • Control system for dispensing variable seed and/or fertilizer.
  • Tractor speed and notification of excess of the speed of sowing.
  • Distance traveled.
  • Current date and Time.
  • Date and Hours worked per lot.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Tables of historical events, of sowing or fertilization by the worked lot.
  • Storage capacity of up to 100 lots.
  • Control of rotating shafts.
  • RPM of turbines.
  • Control of fuel flow.
  •  Geo-referenced positioning with data.

Device configuration

In addition, many of the historical data and events mentioned in the previous items can be downloaded onto an SD memory card for viewing and analysis in a personal computer.
The same data can also send in real-time to view online using the ACRONEX module.


The seeder monitor is made up of the following parts:


El equipo se encuentra conformado por las siguientes partes:

(*) Optional.

  • Module Indicator CAS 4500.
  • Optical sensors for Sowing.
  • Optical sensors for Fertilizer.
  • Speed secondary sensor.
  • SD memory card.
  • Speed primary sensor. (*)
  • Seeds hopper level sensor. (*)
  • Fertilizer hopper level sensor. (*)
  • Tractor RPM sensor. (*)
  • Shafts RPM sensor.(*)
  • Turbine RPM sensor. (*)
  • Equipment Variable.
  • Mechanical. (*)
  • GPS  (*)
  • Fuel Flow monitoring  (*)
  • Interface to get GPS signal of the land markers or external pilot(*)
  • Data Transmission module ACRONEX (*)