Seed & Fertilizer Spreaders

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Fertilizer Spreaders

spin direction of the dosing device
spin direction of the dosing device

Spreader- Is the drills element that regulates the amount of seed sown per hectare. The most common types are roller and discs. The spreader consists of a ribbed body where the rotor is located, which one is actuated by the drive shaft. The rotor drives the seed or fertilizer flow to the discharge tube and from there after falling are placed on the furrow´s floor.

Fertilizer Spreader "Turbo-Max"

For curved bottom hopper

General Dimensions

For flat bottom hopper

General dimensions

The “Turbo MAX” dispenser is offered with hexagonal, square or fluted center 5/8″ (1.59 cm).

And We'll Do The Rest.

Fertilizer machine up to 400 kg per hectare

Ukraine - Vosxod Zavod.

Seed Spreaders

Wheel-type grain seeder distributor "Advanced"

General Dimensions

For flat-bottomed hoppers

General Dimensions

Only offered with 1/2″ (1.27 cm) square center.

Advanced Super Strong

  • %50 reinforcement on sidewalls.
  • Clamping holes with bronze bushings.
  • Optional aluminium rotor (Indestructible)
  • 1/2″ (1,27 cm) square centre.

Pastures Spreader

with manual adjustable flow rate

General Dimensions

For gearbox's flow Control rate
With cleaning lid

(Ask for general dimensions)


Flat adapter with lid and 4 bolts
Flat adapter with lid and 4 bolts
Coarse-grain seed firmer
Coarse-grain seed firmer
Quick-release coupling
Quick-release coupling
Quick-release coupling for long hose
Quick-release coupling for long hose
Quick-release coupling with small seeds descharge
Quick-release coupling with small seeds descharge
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