Five-layer Silo Bag

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Grain Bags Storage

In Argentina, at the end of the 90th, was adapted to the system of wet grain storage to dry grain storage.
In the Grain Bags is possible to store wet or dry grain.

Currently, this technology is used in Argentina to store corn, wheat, soybeans, and sunflower seeds in large quantities.
In Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, this technology is still little known.

In addition to storing wheat, Grain Bags can be used for the storage of barley, corn, soy, sunflower, oilseed rape and beans.

The Grain Bag is loaded using a bagging machine (bagger), then is sealed hermetically and the organisms living within it will consume the oxygen gradually, (the material does not allow passing the oxygen, moisture, or sunlight), and as result, all the insects, fungi and bacteria are destroyed.

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The Alternatives Are:

9 ft with lengths of 60 m, 75 m or 100 m with a thicknesses of 225 µm (Silage) and 235 µm (grain storage)  

Collection center:
10 feet with lengths of 60 m, 75 m with a thicknesses of 225 µm (Silage) and 235 µm (grain storage)


Five-layers grain bags 9 foots x 66 meters has a capacity to store up to 225 ton.
Five-layers grain bags 9 foots x 75 meters has a capacity to store up to 255 ton.

Grain Bags By Container

 Pallet dimensions  [cm]  Pallet [kg]Grain Bag by  palletGrain Bag by container
66 m110 * 110 * 183128010200
75 m110*110*197144010180
100 m110*110*22115608136

Silage Storage

Silage capacity will depend on the amount of dry matter. Thus for corn in 9 feet bags with dry matter content of 35 to 38% will store between 3.2 to 3.5 tn/m depending on the compaction.

It should be taken into account the bag elongation, should not exceed 10%.

How To Work With Grain Bags​

  • Ground preparation
  • Placement and precautions
  • Seal
  • Grain load
  • Elasticity measurement
  • Filled (Full or partial)
  • Maintenance once installed
  • Control of stored grain
  • Opening and unloading

Save in storage costs with each ton of harvest.  It is not necessary to use many workers for the storage process, electricity consumption, constantly verify the state of storage, etc.  All you need is enough space in the field, and a landlord for care and control.

With a low storage cost, increases the profitability, because over time, the grain quality improves and therefore increases in price.  Our storage bags for cereals, pulses, oilseeds are 60, 75 and 100 meters long.

5 layers, made of top quality raw material that gives you more strength, guaranteed the protection of your harvest.

The Grain Bag loading is carried out with special equipment (which are also for sale by us)

This technology is used by the top 10 grain-producing countries in the world.

There is no limit for the number of Grain Bags. And it is used with all crops.

Storage For Each Culture In Our Grain Bags

LongWheatSunflowerRye / Barley / Corn / Triticale / SoyOats / Peas / Soya / Lentils
66 m237 tn.185 tn.225 tn.198 tn.
75 m270 tn.210 tn.255 tn.225 tn.
100 m360 tn.280 tn.340 tn.300 tn.

Number Of Grains Bags In A 40 Foot Container

Pallet dimensions  [cm]Pallet weight [kg]Grain Bag by palletGrain Bag by container
66 m110 * 110 * 183128010200
75 m110*110*197144010180
100 m110*110*22115608136
Harmonized System Code: 3917.32.90.910R

The traditional structures for the grain storage include elevators, warehouses, barns. These are expensive and not always available.

In the case of the grain elevators, they must be inspected periodically and should be carried out a control of the quality of the processed product, influencing the storage cost and in the profitability.

The grain bags do not require large infrastructure costs such as the traditional storage facilities such as construction and maintenance.

Another factor that must be considered of the traditional storage is its limited capacity.
With Grain Bags it is possible to regulate the stored volume in function of the yields. If the yield increased, the solution is simple, just increase the quantity of bags.

The Grain Bags removes the bottlenecks caused by the transport of grain to the elevator. At the harvest time increases the transport demand, increasing its costs. This storage technology allows you to choose the time of hiring the transport, with the best prices at times of lower demand.

Grain Bags provides quality grain and storage availability, at minimum cost:
The grain is kept in anaerobic conditions without insects or fungi, preserving the quality and reducing the cost of transport.

Grain Bags vs. traditional silage

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