We transfer technology to agricultural machinery manufacturers, helping them to design and produce quality no-till seeders.

​You know how difficult and expensive it is to develop a new product

Lack of Information

Particularly in direct seeding, where the lack of information or perhaps worse, contradictory information will lead you to bad decisions making, raising the prototype cost.

30 years of experience

We have the information you need.

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No Suppliers?

In addition, the fact that you do not have specialized local suppliers will force you to use the components available in your country that was not usually designed to work in direct seeding.

Specialized Factories

Our group of factories are highly specialized and each of them produces a particular component specially designed for direct seeding.

There are other problems too…

…and of course, we also have other solutions as well.

What do our customers think?


The seeder must adapt to both weather and soil conditions. 30 years ago in Argentina, we started with direct sowing technology. Having travelled that path with its mistakes and successes it allows us today to transfer the acquired knowledge without the need that you have to pay again to benefit from that experience.

ARGSELMASH has successfully transferred Argentine knowledge and experience to produce a quality no-till seed drill overseas.

Today we assist companies in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, and Panama in seeders adaptation projects to very different climates and soils.

We propose you, to build your own seeder.

With your brand and company's colors, using argentine components.

This new machine will have

The working width, seed tanks and fertilizer volumes suitable for your region using Argentine agricultural technology, already proven worldwide.

Build most of the parts locally

You will be saving many of the transportation costs, customs documentation, nationalization expenses and taxes, and you will increase your profitability.

We are your team

We will be with you at every step of the project, with the technical support of the group of companies that conform our team.

Some of our projects and clients

Agro Soyuz (Ukraine) – Turbosem II

BDM-Agro (Russia) – G210 – G600

Podshipnik (Russia) – Bereginia 421/ Row-units

NAIR (Russia) – Components

NewTone (Russia) – Components/ Row-units

OOO Agro (Russia) – Row-units

KITE (Hungary)  – Components

Abelites (Latvia) – Row-units

Reino de los Mallos (Spain) – Row-units

Toowoomba Engienering – (Australia) – Row-units


Podshipnik (Russia) – Bereginia 421


Agro Soyuz (Ukraine) – Turbosem II

Agro-soyuz md19-min2

Agro Soyuz (Ukraine) – MD19-40


We will prevent you from wasting money, efforts and time on the development of a seeder that may, in the long run, end up not adapting correctly to the real needs of your customers.

In each of those steps we will help you make the right decisions.

How to
get started?

Tell us about your project and what your design problems are today.

You need solutions and we are ready to help you.

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