Our company

ARGSELMASH is a consortium of small and medium-sized Argentine companies specializing in manufacturing agricultural parts. Together, we venture into international markets, providing decisive support to agricultural machinery manufacturers and producers looking to improve their planters or fertilizers.

Our components have been meticulously designed by experts from the companies that make up our group. These specialists are always ready to solve your concerns.

Our mission

To offer foreign nations services and information that facilitate the transmission of Argentine agro-livestock knowledge, improve yields, increase the value and productive potential of the land, and strengthen the efficiency and competitiveness of food producers.


Our journey in Russia began in 2005 when we started commercialising agricultural machinery. Subsequently, in collaboration with prestigious local companies, we promoted the manufacture of seed drills in Russia and Ukraine. Over the years, we have strengthened our position in the market, enriching our knowledge about its demands and particularities.

Today in the world

Today, we distinguish our solutions by their high quality, offering ideal tools for conventional and direct sowing. ARGSELMASH is an emblem of innovation, research and development. Our commitment is reflected in superior quality tools that simplify and enhance the producer’s work.

Projects and clients

ARGSELMASH has successfully transferred Argentine knowledge and experience to produce a quality no-till seed drill. Today, we assist companies in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and Spain in projects to adapt seeders and fertilizers to very different climates and soils.

Some of our projects

Seeder Beriguinia - Russia

Manufactured by: “Podshipnik”
Location: Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar.

Components sold: Single disc openes, variable speed drives and seed, fertilizer and pasture dispensers.
Watch the full video On Youtube(With English subtitles)

Seeder Turbosem - Ukraine

Manufactured by: “Agro-Soyuz”
Location: Dnipropetrovsk.

Components sold: Single disc openes with parallelograms.
Watch the full video On Youtube(With English subtitles)

Seeder Abelites - Latvia

Manufactured by:  “Abelites”
Location: Riga

Components sold: Single disc openers with parallelograms.
Watch the full video On Youtube.

Seeder "Томь" - Russia

Manufactured by:  “OOO Agro”
Location: Kemerovo

Components sold: Single disc openers with parallelograms.
Watch the full video On Youtube.

Some of our clients

Agro Soyuz (Ukraine) – Openers with parallelograms

BDM-Agro (Russia) – Seeders G210 – G600

Podshipnik (Ruыsia) – Seeder Bereginia 421- John Deere type opener.

NAIR (Russia) – Components and spare parts.

NewTone (Russia) – Openers with parallelograms and spare parts.

OOO Agro (Russia) – Openers with parallelograms

KITE (Hungría) – Gearboxes.

Abelites (Latvia) – Openers with parallelograms

Reino de los Mallos (Spain) – Openers with parallelograms

Toowoomba Engineering – (Australia) – Openers with parallelograms

What do our customers think?

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