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ARGSELMASH is a group of small and medium-sized Argentine companies, dedicated to the manufacture of agro-parts and together explore the international markets.

Providing support to both agricultural machinery manufacturers, in the decision-making, as well as to producers who want to modify their planters/ seeders or fertilizers machines.

Each component was developed by each companies specialists that conforms our group, such experts are ready to answer your questions.

Our company in 2005, started its activities in the Russian and Ukranian market selling agricultural machinery.

In 2010 we launched with prominent Argentine companies the manufacture of seeders in Russia.

With each year we were making stronger our position, gaining a greater knowledge of the market and its needs.

Today, with quality as a differentiating value, we provide solutions for sowing, in both conventional and direct.

ARGSELMASH is synonymous with innovation, research, and development, which results in the production of higher-quality tools, facilitating the work of the farmer.


To provide services and information to others counties. 

To enable the transfer Argentina experience in agriculture and stockbreeding, achieving better yields, increasing the land’s value and its productive capacity, making more efficient and competitive foods producers.

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