Coulter blades for no-till farming

Specials Coulter Blades

Coulter blades – Are used to facilitate movement of the seeder and improve the seeding quality in presence of the large amounts of crop residues. The coulter blade disk is mounted in front of the sowing disk.

In situated in front of each row, and help for a precise seed placement (cutting crop residues) working with seeder disk for making the dose of mineral fertilizers on the sowing line.
These two components are placed on different independent levers. Thus, the change in the spring tension does not change the working depth of the coulter blade.

Coulter blades types

 BladeWorking widthWaves
Dura Fluted >>  38, 50, 60
Rippled >>14 mm to 16 mm 
Radial >>8 mm 
Direct >>