CVT Purpose


CTV- a device that transmits torque and is able to smoothly change the gear ratio of the metering coils of the sowing unit within the control range.

Variador de velocidad SW2022


The variator allows to abandon the archaic method of adjusting the seeding rate by the installation of replacement sprockets in the sowing units drive and changes the dispensing coils working length and is designed for modernization of metering systems pneumatic seeders and seed drills with mechanical sowing.

The internal system constituted by cams, arms and one-way bearings.
Possibility to use with mechanical regulator or to add an electronic system of variable dosage.

Housing Material: Aluminum cast
Shafts: Steel SAE 4140 – Tempered
Cams: Steel SAE 8620 – Case hardened and grinded- 3 cams
Arms: Special Steel – Case hardened and grinded
One way bearing: Reinforced
Chain gear and clutch: Regulated and designed according to customers requirements.
Speed handles: Lateral
Shaft support: Ball bearing
Support position: Bottom. The housing includes position hole at the top too (opposite side), so is possible to rotate the CVT Box.

Selection System CVT
Speed Number 
Speed ratioRange3:1 – 70:1 (w/ neutral point)
 Variation between speed
Torque [Kgm] 18
Output sense CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
Shafts configuration