Closing Wheels

Closing wheel
Closing wheels

The wheels come in different widths.

We recommend to choosing its size based on the distance between rows.

Closing Wheels

Agricultural wheels, closing wheels – The rapid development of agricultural technology has been introduced relatively recently, an important innovation for planting.
The modern models of seeder there is a fundamental piece, the agricultural wheels.

Closing wheels
The use of these elements guarantees to place the seeds at an optimal depth under the ground by making a uniform coverage, that allows reaching the maximum performance.


Rueda tapadora 23116
CodeInchesA [mm]E [mm]Ø DE [mm]Ø DI [mm]
221111″ x 10″2620245198
231111″ x 12″2620305250
231101″ x 12″2519305250
231121″ x 12″2519305250
231161x¼” x 13½”2819335250
231201½” x 12″ x 22″3521365250
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