Single Disc Row-unit

JD750 Type For Direct Seeding

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Argselmash III

Single disc unit is prepared for a demanding work sowing and fertilizing, altering minimally the stubble´s coverage and without removing the soil. It is equipped with independent tubes for seeds, fertilizer and pastures.
Is Ideal for saline soils and/or with sticky clays. A 18″ diameter flat disc with a 7º inclination, cuts the stubble and the ground leaving a furrow with a face firm and smooth and another removed.
The furrow’s depth is controlled through a wheel-leveling 4 ½” x 15”

The single disk is ideal when it is intended to alter as less as possible the stubble and produce not soil disturbance.

It is suitable for clay soils (even more if it contains sticky clays) and or for saline soils, where you do not want to remove the soil at the sowing time.

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An iron casting shoe work in contact with the disc, where both allow you to deposit seed and fertilizer in the furrow, through independent tubes. A presser wheel ensures the location of the seed at the bottom of the furrow in order to ensure the correct emergence of the crop. Finally, a closer wheels system removes the side walls, covering the furrow.

You will have our technicians support to customize your seeder to your needs and you will get a newly built planter to increase your yields.

A consistent planting depth is critical to a uniform emergence. The depth calibration adjustments features allow to every row unit be calibrated exactly to the same depth.

Monodisco con rueda trasp

A constant seeding depth is critical for a uniform emergence. The row-unit adjustment functions allow you to calibrate unit to exactly the same depth. Download our adjustment and maintenance guide.
Adjustment and maintenance guide

The ARGSELMASH III row-unit will guarantee you a uniform emergence and accordingly higher yields.

Discharge pipes

Independent drops for seeds and fertilizer

Disc Blade

Boron steel 75 RW C, inclination 7º

Firming Wheel

Semi-pneumatic wheel or plastic affirmer.

Depth Control

4 ½ ” x 15”semi-pneumatic wheel.

Furrows closing

Perlitic-ferritic nodular steel wheel.

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What's New?

Main Arm

Cuerpo ARG costado

The main arm is fully machined without being removed from the machining center, ensuring to completely eliminate dimensional errors. 

All bushings are turned, hardened and ground and are made of steel with a hardness greater than 64 RC.

The row-unit is completely painted with two-component polyurethane lacquer to give it resistance to chemical attack and corrosion.

Seeding Disc

Only one greasing point every 500 hectares

This is where we made the biggest and best changes: 
  1. The blade hub was redesigned, now housing DOS TWO LARGER BEARINGS with a higher load coefficient.
  2. New SPLINED SHAFT IS OF LARGER DIAMETER, providing greater tightness thanks to the incorporation of a dust cover that reduces the work of the external lip seals.
  3. A LONGER BUSHING was incorporated into the design, where the splined shaft is housed that extends the guide capacity, giving more solidity to the assembly.
  4. The sealing system of the hub has TWO SEALS, one with external lips and the other conventional, which ensures that in the lubrication process with a grease pump, the seals do not slip due to excessive pressure. It is the only greasing point, ONLY ONCE EVERY 500 HECTARES.

Gauge Wheel

The rubber wheels have very little durability particularly in fields with soybean stubble.

Another very common problem is in soils with excess moisture and large volume of stubble, is the gauge wheel blocking.

  1. A URETHANE GAUGE WHEEL is incorporated as part of the base model, eliminating the previous cleaning conical boron steel extension.
  2. A new SIX-SPOKE HUB CENTERwas added.
  3. The hub now has a MAINTENANCE-FREE KRRS double-shielded double-row ball bearing.

Shoe and Seed and Fertilizer Tubes

The shoe is built in ferritic nodular cast iron and with hard metal contribution to tungsten on its lower face. It has an internal division with independent channels for seed and fertilizer.

The shoe is now narrower than in our previous model and remains permanently adjusted against the seeding disc avoiding unnecessary soil removal, better conserving moisture.

The new design of the shoe allows a more stable planting depth which will allow a quick and uniform emergence, greatly improving your chances of a higher yields.

Tubos de semillas y fertilizante

The seed falls vertically by gravity avoiding the need for a plastic tail.

The tubes are plastic and are jacketed 6 cm inside the shoe, avoiding moisture condensation with the consequent fertilizer clogging.

The square section has the same effect as an anticyclone

Firming Wheel

The new urethane wheel is now narrower and more flexible, so it fits better into the furrow helping to improve the contact of the seeds with the soil.
  1. It has a FREE MAINTENANCE with a double-shielded single row balls bearing .
  2. A plastic cup that houses a FRONT LIP SEAL capable of sealing the deformations of the sheet.
Lengüeta plástica afirmadora de semillas

PLASTIC FIRMING TAIL: It has an adjustable plastic spring and two fastening screws that fixed it directly to the seeding shoe.

Capping Wheel

Rueda camellón o tapadora
The capping wheel has two indexing angles with a FREE MAINTENANCE KRRS bearing that is the same as in the leveling wheel.

Flat closing wheel, more aggressive to guarantee a better closing of the floor than the classic cast iron wheel.

Reduce maintenance time and costs.

The play of the shoe is increased with the passage of the hectares worked, varying the depth where the seeds are placed, affecting the emergence.

Traba zapata

The new locking system of the shoe bolt prevents it from moving, thus avoiding the wear of the pivot point on the main arm.


Single disc row units (Transport position)
Single disc row units (Transport position)
Single disc row units (Working position)
Single disc row units (Working position)

Spare parts catalogue

Single disc row units (Side view)
Single disc row units (Side view)