Double disk – Unphased, for no-till farming.

Double disk with different disks for direct seeding., agricultural equipment, agricultural tools, agriculture machinery, no till technology, no-till,

Ours specialists will answer to you any question
Our specialists will answer you any question

Double disk with discs 16″ and 15″, without attached wheels for depth control – The depth control is effected on the closer wheels.

With support for tube 120 x 120 mm In the seeder, the row units are to be found alternating in a zigzag pattern to avoid the mechanisms obstruction when there is a lot of stubble.

Working together with a circular blade – turbo-disc, ahead of the double-disc cutting the stubble, distributing to the sides and preparing the bed´s seed with great precision.

The turbo disk should be set to 2-2,5 cm below seeding depth.

This system carries out an effective treatment, destroying the sealing of the soil, avoiding the burial of the stubble in the bed´s seed and the lateral compaction of the furrow. Consequently, the root system develops vertically down, getting the moisture and nutrients from the lower layers of the soil.

For: Gherardi G210 and HBV RB6000GF seeders