Products for no-till farming

seeders production

Row Units

We can offer you the single disc row units for conventional and direct seeding, like JD750 without parallelogram or Agro Soyuz Turbosem II with parallelogram.

Specials Blades

Coulter blades – Are used to facilitate movement of the seeder and improve the seeding quality in presence of the large amounts of crop residues. The coulter blade disk is mounted in front of the sowing disk.


For seeders and fertilizers machines. The bodies and covers are made of aluminum. Fully mounted on bearings. ​

Dose-dispenser units

Regulates the amount of seed or fertilizer per hectare. The rotor drives the seed or fertilizer flow to the discharge tube and from there after falling are placed on the furrow´s floor.

Our Products

Our products are designed and developed for the manufacture of no-till farming seeders, but can also be used in minimum tillage or traditional.