Double disc seeding Drill with parallelogram for direct seeding

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Double Disc Seed Drill:
Optimum Efficiency in Direct Seeding

Agriculture faces the challenge of increasing production sustainably. The double disc seed drill is a technological solution capable of enhancing seeding efficiency, offering precision and adaptability to different soil conditions.

Unique Features of the Double Disc Seed Drill

Durability and Adaptability

Double disc seed drills are equipped with two discs that work in tandem to cut through the soil and deposit the seed. This duality allows greater adaptability to soils with crop residues or challenging terrains, ensuring uniform and effective seeding.

Advanced Technology

Designed with the latest technology, these seed drills incorporate electronic control systems that adjust the pressure of the discs and seeding depth in real-time, ensuring optimal seed placement regardless of terrain variations.

Benefits of the Double Disc Seed Drill

Greater Precision in Seed Placement

The double disc configuration allows better maneuvering in furrow opening, achieving more precise and consistent seed placement, which results in more uniform crop emergence and growth.

Efficiency in Various Seeding Conditions

Thanks to their robust design, double disc seed drills can operate efficiently across a wide range of soil conditions, from wet to the driest and hardest soils.

Diverse Applications for Modern Agriculture

Flexibility in Crop Rotation

The double disc seed drill is ideal for crop rotation systems, being able to quickly adjust for seeding a variety of grains and legumes, from wheat and maize to soybeans and lentils.

Integration with Precision Agriculture

These machines are fully compatible with precision agriculture techniques, allowing integration with mapping and monitoring systems for more informed and detailed farm management.

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