Unphased double disc row seeder with 16″ and 15″ discs, with no control depth’s attached wheels – The depth control is effected by the covering wheels. With support for tube 120 x 120 mm
The row seeders in the seeder are placed in a zigzag pattern to avoid the obstruction of the mechanisms when there is a lot of stubble in the field. THe double disc works together with a circular blade – turbo disc, ahead of the double disc which breaks down the stubble, distributing the remains to the sides and preparing the seed’s bed with accurate precision. The turbo disc should be set to 2-2,5 cm below seeding depth.
This system carries out an effective treatment, destroying the sealing of the soil, avoiding the burial of the stubble in the seed bed and the lateral compaction of the furrow.
Consequently, the root system develops vertically down, getting the moisture and nutrients from the lower layers of the soil.

For Gherardi G210 y VHB RB6000GF seeders.