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Single Disc Row Unit With Parallelogram

For No-Till Farming

Accuracy - Versatility - Productivity

Single Pivot Point Link

As the row-unit encounters changes in the topography or in the stubble volume above the ground, it causes the whole unit to rotate around the pivot point, up and down. With these movements, the seed drop point and the angle of attack of the colter change affecting the way they cut the residues and also the penetration into the ground.

Parallel-Link Row Unit Design

It’s at the heart of our row-unit. 

What makes this row unit special are these two arms that form our parallel link assembly, providing a lot more consistent performance out of the row-unit.

Our parallel link design row unit really is what provides the accuracy, versatility, and productivity that they’re famous for.

Key Advantages:

It gives this row unit a very consistent depth of cut and a very consistent seed placement, no matter what the topography is like or what the row unit is encountering going through the field.

It keeps the angle of attack of our colter blade always at a 45 degree angle. This ensures that the blade is always at the right angle to cut through residue and to penetrate tough ground, further enhancing the accuracy of seed placement from this unit.

Is always at a constant set pressure, the pressure that we set it at. This ensures that we close our trench uniformly, regardless of where the opener is in its range of travel.

The cutting disc cleaning system allows it to work on moist soil, which one significantly increases the sowing's window, and in consequence, the performance of machines equipped with this row unit.

Where do we export to?

 AGRO SOYUZ – Ukraine

 OOO AGRO -Russia


  ABELITES – Latvia


Seeding Blade

18" x 6 mm, boron steel disc - 75 Rw C, inclination 7º


firming Plastic Tail, ideal for clay soils

Control de profundidad

Sencillo control de profundidad con leva

Discharge Pipes

Independent downspouts for seeds and fertilizer

Groove Closing

Double or single toothed wheel made of boron steel.
Single disk row unit with parallelogram, for no-till farming
Single disk row unit with parallelogram, for no-till farming

The THEYCO 2023 row-unit will guarantee a uniform emergence, increasing the chances of higher yields.

Watch full video in YouTube in russian.

Upgrade Your Planter For No-Till Farming

The THEYCO 2023 is the latest and most advanced row-unit to sow and fertilize, all at once, especially in uneven, clayey, and/or sticky soils. The adjustment functions allow you to calibrate each of the units exactly the same depth. Download Technical Data Sheet 

The row-unit is attached to the frame by means of a parallelogram that allows to the shoe remain perpendicular to the ground at all times, therefore, always works with the same attack angle, keeping the relative depths between the seeds and the fertilizer constant regardless of the soil is not even.

The set of the 17 3/4″ disc and the shoe, allow for cutting the stubble and opening a uniform groove for the grains and the fertilizer.


This row-unit has exceeded all our expectations and will surely exceed yours as well.


100% maintenance free

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Gauge Wheel Cleaning System​

In the photograph, you can clearly see the problems caused by the conjunction of stubble and sticky soils with high humidity.

To solve this problem, initially, the gauge wheel had a conical boron steel extension on its inner face, which acted as a scraper on the surface of the sowing disc, removing stubble and mud.

Монодисковый сошник - Уретановое колесо

The new wheel model reproduces the same profile of the gauge wheel with the conical rim with the boron steel conical rim but made entirely of urethane, achieving the same effect but tripling the useful life of the assembly.

Llanta con rayos

To avoid the gauge wheel blocking, an open 3-spoke rim has been placed that allows the exit of stubble and mud that could be introduced between the disc and the wheel. 

The hub now has a MAINTENANCE-FREE KRRS double-shielded double-row ball bearing.

Shoe And Discharge Tubes

Planting shoe with a single discharge tube
Planting shoe with two discharge tubes

The THEYCO 2023 row-unit allows for two possible configurations, seeds only or seeds, and fertilizer.

This alternative is optional, at the request of the client.

Plastic seed firmer

Lengüeta plástica

Plastic seed firmer: It has an adjustable plastic spring and two fastening screws that are screwed directly to the shoe.

Reduce maintenance time and costs.

Cuerpo de siembra monodisco. Detalle del desgaste de l punto de pivot del brazo principal.

The play of the shoe is increased with the passage of the hectares worked, varying the depth where the seeds are placed, affecting the emergence.

Cuerpo de siembra monodisco. Sistema de bloqueo del perno de la zapata

The new locking system of the shoe bolt prevents it from moving, thus avoiding the wear of the pivot point on the main arm.

General Dimensions

Monodisco con paralelogramo

For direct seeding, the pressure must be no less than 175 kg.

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Single disk row unit with parallelogram, for no-till farming

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